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Media Section

David can be heard on two commercial recordings released by Albany Records of the works of Peter Westergaard...

DVD: Alice in Wonderland
Westergaard: "No question about it, this is a curious sort of opera. There's no orchestra, just seven singers, singing 41 roles and providing their own accompaniment on- and off-stage, with voices, hand bells, bird whistles, drums, and occasional sound effects."

Performers: Jennifer Winn, soprano, Amaia Urtiaga, soprano, Karen Jolicoeur, soprano, Abigail Fischer, mezzo-soprano, Marshall Coid, countertenor, David Kellett, tenor, Eric Jordan, bass, Center for Contemporary Opera, Michael Pratt, conductor
CD: Moby Dick
Moby Dick was Westergaard's fifth opera and he writes, "Melville's novel paints a vast canvas. But of the many stretches that might have made good scenes for an opera, I have chosen only those I deemed absolutely necessary to spinning the central yarn."

Performers: Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Michael Pratt, conductor, Robert Baker, Douglas Millar, David Kellett, William Parcher, Todd Thomas